Fight pale skin for a radiant complexion

While we usually have a fresh complexion in summer, as if kissed by the sun, our skin can quickly lose its radiance in the transition months or especially in winter. But even in spite of the sun, sallow skin can be the result if we don’t take proper care of it. Here we tell you which tips and products can help.

” Why do I have sallow skin? ‘ many of us ask ourselves on a regular basis. But the answer is not always the same. There can be various reasons why our skin looks tired and sallow. These include everyday influences such as lack of sleep or increased stress , but other factors can also play an important role.


Stress: Stress not only has a negative effect on our psyche, it can also be reflected physically. In such situations, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which ensures that new layers of skin can only form slowly. Pale and tired-looking skin is often the result.

Lack of sleep: Sleep is important – you can see that in your skin! Those who constantly get too little sleep and are tired usually also have pale facial skin. After all, the body needs rest to regenerate.

Wrong diet: An unbalanced diet can also be the reason for pale skin. If you eat very greasy or high in sugar or salt, this has a negative effect on your skin. It is better to make sure that you eat fruit and vegetables with vitamin C in particular, the vitamin stimulates collagen production and makes your skin glow .

Iron deficiency: If you have an iron deficiency , you quickly look tired and pale. To find out, you can have a blood test done by your doctor. In addition to dietary supplements , you can also absorb iron through your food.

Dehydration: If you drink too little, you can make your skin look tired. Therefore: Always drink water!
Smoking, caffeine & alcohol: We know that smoking or excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol are not healthy. However, all three things can also lead to sallow skin, because on the one hand moisture is withdrawn and on the other hand the skin is not supplied with sufficient oxygen.

Improper care: Even your care itself can make your skin look tired if you don’t do it right, causing old skin cells to form and dull the complexion.

Harmful environmental influences: exhaust fumes, heating air that is too dry and extreme solar radiation – all factors that promote sallow skin.

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