Plants Make Us Happier according to a new study

According to a new survey, plants can improve our mood. Forty-five percent of respondents say they would like more plants in their homes. Another 38 percent would like to be around plants all the time. According to the website The Joy Of Plants, people who have indoor plants feel better and are more productive. Plants can also help us get outdoors, which can also improve our mental health and decrease our stress levels.

The study also found that the presence of plants in an indoor space improved the mood of high school students. It also found that the presence of plants in a classroom increased the mood of female students. In addition to a psychological benefit, plants can also improve sleep. A study published in the journal of physiology and psychology found that the presence of plants in a room could boost a person’s physical health.

The study showed that green plants and flowers increased people’s feelings of calmness and cheerfulness. In addition, green plants reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body and reduce blood pressure. Purple flowers, green flowers, and red roses were found to be more relaxing than white roses.

Having plants in the home can improve our mental health, according to a new survey by ethnobotanist James Wong. According to the research, the presence of greenery improves people’s mood, reduces stress, and improves self-esteem. Moreover, having a living thing to care for acts as a mindfulness exercise, relieving tension and anxiety.

Studies have shown that having a live plant in the office can improve productivity. The presence of plants in the workplace can improve a person’s attention, which could lead to increased work and promotion opportunities. Moreover, plants have many other benefits for our health. Research has shown that they can reduce blood pressure, improve our immune system function, reduce anxiety, and improve our mood.

The study also found that people who live in neighborhoods with parks have lower levels of stress and sleep problems. They are more likely to become politically active, and have less physical symptoms of depression than those in neighborhoods with fewer green areas. Furthermore, people who have plants in their homes feel happier than people in other parts of their neighborhood.

Another study found that people who spend time around a plant at home or at work are happier. This is not surprising since plants calm us and add moisture to the air, which can help us cope better during the cold winter months. Another interesting study found that people who spend more time outdoors in nature are more likely to improve their memory.

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